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Missing Pieces

Today there is little parents wouldn’t do for their children.  You may think this means a generation of individuals who are better developed and more likely to succeed than in the past.  Unfortunately, a side-effect of this environment of abundance is that we are seeing more and more young adults who don’t appreciate what it takes to sustain their lives and to provide the opportunities before them.  This can lead to a lack of self-respect, respect for others, and motivation for life.  The absence of true challenges and wild elements in a young person’s development are like missing puzzle pieces.  The result is an ever growing number of young adults who feel a glaring and indefinable sense of emptiness, which can result in depression, anxiety, and apathy.

Each year parents spend more and more money on therapy, expensive treatments, and dangerous drugs to try and address these issues within their children–often with dubious effects.  Although some of these treatments may be necessary, many guardians are overlooking a simple solution which has been effective for millennia.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, all human beings are designed to flourish in the wild environment.  Hard to define voids within are filled and healed when one learns to operate in the wilderness, making the lessons of respect, confidence,  and creativity come in a natural and rewarding manner. 

The Mentor

In times past, the role of the Mentor was taken seriously by the whole community.  Though we still have adult mentors, successive generations of individuals who have grown up with little or no connection to the developmental benefits of the Wild and the positive aspects of the Warrior Path, have little to offer our children in the way of true confidence, humility, and self-reliance. 

In the tradition of the Wilderness based societies of the world, Warrior Wilderness Mentoring offers a healthy and effective alternative, or augmentation, to counseling and harmful dependence building drugs.  Through mentored wilderness activities such as hiking, wilderness survival, rock climbing, navigation, tracking, and Native American rights of passage*, you can provide your child the opportunity to claim their own power, path, and future.

Warrior Wilderness Mentoring Founder Matt Novellino is a Green Beret, former Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, and life long student of Native American wilderness-craft and warrior philosophy…

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