Warrior Wilderness Mentoring

“I have invited Matthew Novellino to speak for my entrepreneurial MBA students on multiple occasions, as his background and personal accomplishments stand out as examples of great leadership, courage, personal commitment and grit. These are exactly the traits that are necessary for entrepreneurial success, and Matthew exemplifies these in what he shares with my students. His presentation style is engaging and inspiring, and those of us who have had the privilege to hear him present have come away from the experience in complete awe. I highly recommend Matthew as a mentor, presenter and example of the kind of leadership to which we all should aspire!

George Deriso

Adjunct Professor, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado

The modern day ethos of the US is in difficulty and our youth are at the center of confused standards of behavior and conscience. Stemming from the confusion are private and public efforts to address the problems affecting us all as a Nation. Warrior Wilderness Mentoring utilizes the mental and physical discipline, self-control, and building individual strength of character stemming from Native American teachings and nature skills. Matthew Novellino, a decorated Green Beret combat veteran, has worked with Native peoples and elders to learn the principles inherent in the philosophies that sustain communities for peaceful coexistence with their homeland. Utilizing these learned methods to assist youth and young people, Warrior Wilderness Mentoring will serve individuals or groups well in creating strong mettle and a stable disposition for common place existence.

Ben Rhodd

Potawatomi Tribal Member, Sundance Leader and Official Archeologist of Rosebud Lakota (Sioux) Reservetion, SD

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