The Archetype of the Warrior & The Wild

Our Philosophy

The Archetype of the Warrior and the Wild

Whether you dwell in a log cabin or live a tech driven urban lifestyle, your brain, body, and intuition are designed to interface with, regenerate from, and upload advancements from the wild universe. You don’t have to have a career as a backwoods trapper to desire your rightful access to the code which is written throughout the rocks, trees, water, and sky—and which is designed for you to realize your highest physical state, mental health, confidence, and potential. The science of whatever drives you, and whatever you may become at your highest realization —even if that is a modern expression yet immagined— can be visited and made clear in the place you came from. The Wild.

A Warrior

A Warrior—especially one linked with the wild —is someone who first develops their own potential through training, trials, and trust in the ways of the universe during adversity. Next, they develop a synergy with others of their highly evolved kind for the achievement of common goals. Third, they learn to interact with and make use of the human-terrain around them, raising the potential of those with less warrior attributes who are more susceptible to chaos. Once their individual and group potentials have been fostered they come to help, serve, and mentor others from a place of confidence and peace.

Through mentoring for individuals, groups, families, or corpoate teams, we can help you harness the Warrior and the Wilderness within.

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