Warrior Wilderness Mentoring

Your Path Through The Pathless

Wilderness Mentor Matt Novellino is a Green Beret, former Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, and life-long student of Native American wilderness craft and warrior philosophy. Through Matt’s mentorship, individuals, families, and groups can discover a treasure trove of unique wilderness savvy and confidence drawn from the traditions of Special Forces and Native America.

“In past times, seekers and warriors had the advantage of mentors to help them discover their way. Now you do, too.”

The Wild Archetype

Whether you dwell in a log cabin or live a tech driven urban lifestyle, your brain, body, and intuition are designed to interface with, regenerate from, and upload advancements from the wild universe…


A Warrior—especially one linked with the wild —is someone who first develops their own potential through training, trials, and trust in the ways of the universe during adversity. Next…

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Warrior Wilderness Mentoring
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