Mission Objectives

Warrior Wilderness Mentoring

01. Mentor

Help individuals of all walks of life find their personal power and confidence through wilderness education, based in the skill sets of Special Operations and Native American tradition.


02. Strengthen

Foster in individuals the positive Warrior Archetype, which is largely absent in today’s society, for personal and community benefit.


03. Heal

Provide an alternative or augmentation to pharmaceuticals and counseling for individuals experienceing depression, anxiety, fear, lack of purpose, and other emotional challenges.


04. Educate

Foster a realization of the numerous positive influences  Native American history and culture have had and continue to have on the American character and world character in general.


05. Support

Bridge the gap of understanding between the public and the veteran community. Support charities and create initiatives which benefit native, veteran, inner city youth, and other at-risk communities.

06. Build

Partner with Native American communities to create cultural and ecological-centered businesses which encourage economic growth through activities that preserve tribal cultures and natural resources, educate the public, and create entreprenurial opportunities for tribal members.

Our Team

Professional Mentors

Matt Novellino


Matt has been on the operational end of the military since 2003. While in the US Coast Guard, he conducted search-and-rescue and law enforcement operations throughout the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and in New Orleans during the height of Hurricane Katrina. As a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer, Matt logged well over 100 lives saved.

Following the Coast Guard, Matt made the move to the Army where he earned his Green Beret (Special Forces) and completed a variety of schools including SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) and Marine Corps Scout Swimmer School. He has deployed to Afghanistan where he trained and worked side-by-side with Afghan National Army soldiers in offensive operations against the insurgency.

Matt has been teaching wilderness survival, backpacking and rock climbing for most of his adult life. He also continues to work as a professional Rescue Swimmer instructor for various search-and-rescue contractors.

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