Wilderness mentoring for all

Personalized Mentoring

Designed out of the traditions of Native America and Special Forces, personalized Wilderness Mentoring with Matt Novellino exposes participants to effective and timeless ways to face inner fears, confront and counter anxieties and doubts, and seek out highest potential, power, and peace. Through exposure to time tested skills and techniques of the Wild and positive Warrior Tradition, participants can find a path through what previously seemed pathless.

Topics include:

  • Year-round Wilderness Craft (hiking, backpacking, etc.)
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Basic to Advanced Navigation (compass & map, celestial, ancient, day/night)
  • Rope Craft for Mountaineering and Emergencies
  • Solo and Night challenges
  • Native American philosophy and rights of passage*
  • Tracking
  • Self Defense and Awareness for self preservation

Group Mentoring

With skills originating from small groups of Native American scouts, US Special Forces “ODA’s”  have become the nexus of elite team dynamics. WWM makes these secrets, coupled with a wholesome grounding in the wild, available for your group, office, or team.

Groups can chose to practice:

  • Elite Team Dynamics and Leadership Development
  • Special Operations Mission Based Scenarios
  • Search and Rescue Scenarios
  • Cultural Scenariors based on Green Beret principals (human terrain)
  • Wilderness Challenges including Survival, Evasion, Climbing and Rappelling, Native American Themes and Training*

Speaking and Coaching

Whether you want to learn more about what Warrior Wilderness Mentoring does, or you would like to book Matt Novellino for a presentation or speaking engagement, do so by clicking below.

Topics may include:

  • Managing under chaos
  • The Human need for Wilderness
  • Utilizing the Warrior and Wilderness Archetypes
  • Special Operations principals for all
  • A Green Beret look at navigating “Human Terrain”
  • Survival and other Wilderness themes

find your mentor, find your power, find your peace

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